Leadership October 2015

October 1, 2015
By Scott Stangel President
OK, effective today I’m no longer the president of the Sheboygan Optimist Club. Yes the new officers and directors have been installed, and Dean is off and running as the new president.
So you ask why is this fellow writing on the president’s blog? As the now “past president”, I want to wish the current president and his team the best of luck, and all the Optimism I can offer for a successful year.
For our club to continue its course of success, the new leadership team needs your help. You as a member of this club need to support the new leadership by offering your help. When you are asked, or the opportunity to get involved is presented, please give your club your time.
You know during the last 2 Optimist years, Optimist veterans served as club president. Now, Dean a not so veteran member has stepped up as president between the two previous veterans and Mark Miller will be next year’s president. All credit in the world goes to Dean for his desire to be a “New Leader”. He will be a great leader!
Dean has many great plans for the club. He is working hard to bring an essay contest back to the club. He wants to engage the membership to determine what you want from the club, and where you can best serve the kids of the community. Dean is determined to grow the club and expand member involvement. Please get involved.
Since this is my last blog as president, I want to thank my team who worked diligently to see our club earn “Honor” distinction. Team members include Dean, Mark S, Mark J, Laurel, Dana, Joe and Pam. Thank you all for a great year, and I know many of you are on Dean’s team, so have a great year.
I also want to thank the membership. You always stepped up when it came time to serve the kids. You know what our mission is, and the importance of serving. You all have embraced the ideals of “Leader Ship” and demonstrated it at every club function. Please continue your support of the community and its children.