Shopping With Kids! 12/5/15

Saturday December 5, 2015 9:00 AM

We’d like to invite YOU to help us with a new event that we’re going to do coming up on Saturday, December 5th, 2015! We invite YOU to help us with “Shopping With the Kids”! The way the project will run is we’re first looking to our membership to help us find families with 1-2 kids that have been hit on hard times (they can be from work, school, church, etc.) please talk to those parents and see if this is something they would be ok participating in. If they are have them contact Pam at 920-980-5090 or with their name and number and she’ll get back to them. We are looking for families with 1-2 kids so that we’re able to help more families. We are hoping to be able to reach out and help 10 kids (so that will be anywhere from 5-10 families which is INCREDIBLE!!!!). We hope to have all participants no later than November 27th. The actual day will run like this. We’d like to have adult volunteer shoppers (Optimists) arrive at Big Lots in Sheboygan at 9am. We’ll ask the parents of our participants to drop the kids off at Big Lots between 9:15-9:30am. Each adult volunteer shopper will be assigned a child to shop with and make sure they stay on task. We will be asking the kids to come with a list of who they plan on shopping for (mom, dad, sister, brother, pets, etc. – usually immediate family only show up on these lists, and the list will be explained to each parent). The adult volunteer will be given an envelope with money in it for their child – it is the adults responsibility to make sure the child stays within budget and that ALL receipts stay in the envelope so all money is accounted for). Once the child has spent all their money (11/11:30am – hopefully), the adult volunteer will walk them and their purchases over to Pizza Ranch. Pizza Ranch has graciously donated not only one of their side rooms for us, but also a pizza party for our kids and volunteers! We will have tables set up for eating and tables set up for wrapping. Once the kids get to Pizza Ranch they will be able to start wrapping and snack at the same time. I will have cards for both Big Lots & Pizza Ranch there for the kids and volunteers to sign for all both businesses are doing to help this project become a reality! We will then ask the parents to pick their kids up between 1:00-1:30pm. The adult volunteers will be able to help wrap as well if the kids need it. Big Lots will be donating some wrapping paper, bags, etc. plus we have some still from last year’s project.

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